How it all started

Capacity Q was established in 2018 by Joanna Reynolds, PhD, following many years’ experience conducting and teaching qualitative research in the fields of public health and social policy.

Her interests have always focused on how qualitative data – people’s voices, experiences and opinions – can be used to influence change and make lives better.

Joanna had been working closely with a range of non-profit organisations and practitioners, and had picked up on a common story:

  • Many practitioners believe that engaging with the views of their clients and the public in a meaningful way is important, but have concerns about their time, skills and confidence to work with qualitative data effectively.

With this in mind, Joanna decided to put her skills and passion for qualitative research to work in a new way to support organisations to use qualitative data effectively and efficiently, to make people’s voices really count.

Skills & experience


Joanna has worked for over 12 years in  conducting qualitative research and evaluation across a range of health and social issues in the UK and in low-income countreis. She has used lots of different qualitative methods and has produced many resources on qualitative research from her work.

She has also worked with charities and public sector organisations in England and abroad, supporting their work through the use of qualitative data.

Joanna is a graduate of both the University of Cambridge and London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. She has a BA(Hons) in Social Anthropology and an MSc and a PhD in Public Health.

Community engagement

A key focus of Joanna’s research work has been on engaging the community and public in decisions that affect their lives.

She has researched ways of involving and empowering communities to have a say and influence what happens in their local neighbourhoods, and in local government.

She’s really interested in helping organisations connect meaningfully with their clients, service users and public, and to use their experiences and voices to influence change.

A particular passion of Joanna’s is the potential of engagement and qualitative methods to amplify the voices of those most marginalised.

Teaching & training

As well as a keen user of qualitative methods in research, Joanna is also a passionate teacher and trainer.

She has led teaching of qualitative methods to Masters and PhD students at different universities for more than 8 years. As part of international research projects, she has designed and delivered training to local practitioners in how to collect and analyse qualitative data.

Joanna is committed to helping people understand what qualitative data can do for their work. She enjoys developing the right resources to support people to engage confidently with qualitative data to have a lasting impact on their organisation’s work

If this sounds like a good fit with the work you do and the work you want to do more of, then please get in touch today!